Production Quality

Riyadh Cables Group is ranked as world’s 4th largest manufacturer of low, medium, high voltage power cables, overhead conductors, electric wires, wiring cables, Copper telephone cables and fiber optic telephone cables valued at 1.5 Billion $ / annum with annual consumption of 270,000 tons of copper.

Production Quality

We also have integrated manufacturing facilities for producing our own Copper rod, Aluminum rod, LV XLPE, PVC, LSHF, Filler and cable drums. We have built a reputation for complying to the widest sets of international standards viz: IEC, BS/BSEN, AEIC, ICEA, ASTM, UL among others. We ensure that our products consistently perform to their customer intended use safely and reliably.

We continually improve our products’ effectiveness to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers. We follow a strict Quality Assurance ethic in all of our facilities; the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives are shared with all members of our workforce and are enforced by the management.

Riyadh Cables Group produces more than 4000 grades of cables, all of which have been indigenously developed and established as standard products over the course of 30 years of proven experience. Each of our standard products have individual item codes, standard bill of materials / weight analyses for every stage of production, standard routing with individual ID history, standard material consumptions, standard costs in the company’s integrated BAAN system.

With facilities that allow us to control every stage of production, from design to delivery, we are able to guarantee high standards of quality across the board. Our facilities, including our research & development laboratory, use the latest cable equipment in the world, including state-of-the-art CCV lines, extruders, tandem lines, assembly machines, and stranding lines .

We use quality raw materials, insulation and sheathing, to produce all our cables. Further, we test products at every stage of production as per international standards as well as client specifications. Every process is controlled and all the key process and performance indicators are monitored closely to ensure compliance to specifications and delivery schedules.

At Riyadh Cables, we work with very skilled employees to ensure that customer get’s the best value. We employ 2,800 skilled workers from 25 countries. Cable experience is the norm for recruitment and cable expertise is the base requirement for main field players.

Deficiencies or any potential for improvement are identified on a routine basis and handled as per procedure resulting in continual improvement. Overall performance is actioned in an annual management review meeting. Over the last five years, more than 200 improvement opportunities have been identified and actioned as objectives in various areas of product development, production and processes at all levels. Advanced statistical monitoring methods, like 6 Sigma analysis, is applied wherever applicable.

Further our raw materials, processes, factories and products undergo rigorous inspections by specialists from customers and overseas independent inspection agencies such as KEMA (Netherlands), ERA Technologies (UK), BASEC (UK), Kinectrics Inc. (Canada), KSU High Voltage Lab. (KSA), CPRI (India), SGS inspection services, Lloyds Register of Saudi Arabia, TUV (Germany), etc.