Research & Development

Research and development is at the core of Riyadh Cables Group’s leading position in the region’s industry.

Research & Development

Internal activities of R&D Section include raw material & cable design in addition to production analyses and support to other departments; whereas external activities include the study of latest publications in cable field, participation with research activities with national organizations and universities, participation/attending national and international conferences in cables and cable accessories, and arranging technical seminars for different utilities in order to enhance mutual relationship. 

We are in the process of developing mass production of 380 KV cable with cross sections up to 3000 mm² a first time endeavour in the whole of Middle East. We have already successful trials of producing the extra High Voltage cable in our latest CCV lines and newly established 500 KV final test laboratories.

Since our inception, we have continually invested in IT to remain at the forefront of industry.  

The BaaN application was implemented in all of Riyadh Cables’ business areas to improve processes and to ensure customer satisfaction with best-quality products manufactured in highly controlled environment. The application raises the bar across all areas of the business, from customer inquiry and technical design, to offer, order execution, purchase, production control, QC, delivery of materials, and accounts. All processes and steps are fully computerized and integrated, and Riyadh Cables has garnered a strong reputation for customer satisfaction as a result of this initiative.