Riyadh Cables offers high quality Aluminum rods 9.5mm coils.

  • Typical properties of Aluminum Rod

    Diameter 9.5 mm ± 0.5mm
    Purity 99.5% Aluminum
    Density 2.7 g/cm³
    Weight resistivity 0.02801 Ohm mm²/m @ 20°C.
    Conductivity 61.5 % IACS @ 20°C.
    Tensile strength 8.3 kg/mm² (Typical).
    Elongation 4 % (min) in 250mm gauge length 
  • Packing

    The Aluminum rod is supplied in coils of 2000 kg weight. The coils are packed on strong wooden pallets, firmly secured by four steel straps and covered by thick sheet of polyethylene.

  • Marking

    Each coil shall be prominently marked as follows:

    1. Manufacturer / Trade mark
    2. Grade
    3. Net / Gross weight
    4. Coil production number
    5. Production number
  • Quality Control

    All important parameters are continuously tested to provide quality control. The following tests below ensure the rod produced is consistent of high quality.

    1. Weight of one meter (g/M)
    2. Chemical composition analysis – measures the % of Fe, B, Mg, Si, V, Zn, Ti, Cr, Na, Mn, Cu, Ga, Al.
    3. Volume Resistivity @ 20C.
    4. Conductivity - precision instrument measures the conductivity of Aluminum.
    5. Elongation and Tensile test - the rod is tested for elongation at fracture and for tensile strength.
    6. Diameter checks - these guarantee that the rod is correctly round and of the required diameter.