Riyadh Cables offers high quality copper rods 8mm coils.

  • Typical properties of Copper Rod

    Diameter 8.0mm ± 0.38mm
    Purity 99.9% Copper
    Density 8.89 g/cm³
    Volume resistivity 0.017241 Ohm mm²/m @ 20°C.
    Conductivity 100% IACS @ 20°C.
    Tensile strength 20 Kg/mm² (Typical).
    Elongation 30% (min) in 250mm gauge length
  • Packing

    The copper rod is supplied in coils of 3500 kg weight. The coils are packed on strong wooden pallets, firmly secured by four steel straps and covered by thick sheet of polyethylene.

  • Marking

    Each coil shall be prominently marked as follows:

    1. Manufacturer / Trade mark
    2. Net / Gross weight
    3. Coil production number
    4. Production number
  • Quality Control

    All important parameters are continuously tested to provide quality control. The following tests below ensure the rod produced is consistent of high quality.

    1. Oxygen test - This determines the oxygen content in copper. An oxygen determinator (Leco Instrument) give the amount of oxygen present in copper in ppm(parts per million).
    2. Chemical composition test analysis for chemical composition of both the cathode and final product is done using Plasma 40 (P.E.) instrument.
    3. Surface oxide measurement-elecrolyric removal of the surface oxide is used to determine the type and thickness of the oxide scale.
    4. PH measurement - to ensuer nonacid corrosion free soluble oil using pH meters.
    5. Gas analysis - solutions used in soluble oil and pickling solution are analyzed for alcohol content using a chromotography instrument.
    6. Conductivity - precision instrument measures the conductivity of copper.
    7. Twist test - the rod is twisted back and forth ten times each and is then visually inspected.
    8. Elongation and Tensile test - the rod is tested for elongation at fracture and for tensile strength.
    9. Diameter checks - these guarantee that the rod are correctly round and of the required diameter.