Riyadh Cables Group is committed to developing a diverse and dynamic workforce at all levels of management. As a pioneer in our region, we offer a challenging and exciting workplace that is consistently integrating leading technologies in our industry.

Recognizing the value that we derive from our workforce, we provide opportunities for learning and growth to ensure that our people are leaders in their fields, and offer career advancement to all employees at all levels of the company.

We offer incredible opportunities for talented and skilled professionals in the fields of Engineering and Design, Quality Control, HRMS, Production Optimization, Industrial Management, Cost Optimization, Plant Maintenance, Information & Technology, Business Development and Public Relations.

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  • Electrical Technician - فني كهرباء

    April 23, 2017

    فني كهرباء لصيانة وتحسين الشروط الفنية من معدات الإنتاج من أجل تلبية متطلبات الإنتاج والسلامة والجودة. تحقق وصيانة وتوفير معدات معايرة وفقا للإجراءات من أجل ضمان توافر المعدات لإنتاج وتحقيق الأهداف السنوية التي أنشئت خلال عملية تقييم الأداء السنوي. توقع وتحديد مصادر المشاكل التي تظهر أثناء عملية الإنتاج واتخاذ الإجراءات المناسبة لضمان استمرارية الإنتاج وعملية لتحسين كفاءة المعدات. توفير وتركيب وتعديل معدات الإنتاج وفقا للجدول الزمني والوثائق من أجل ضمان توافر المعدات في الوقت المحدد. تقديم توصيات بشأن تحسين عملية الإنتاج والمعدات وفقا للمعايير والأهداف. التعاون مع أعضاء الفريق وغيرهم من الموظفين من أجل تحقيق أهداف الجودة وسلامة الإنتاج. ضمان نقل المعلومات اللازمة في / بين الفرق وكذلك لمجموعات الدعم من أجل ضمان تلبية أهداف الإنتاج.


    المؤهل المطلوب: دبلوم كهرباء (او مايعادله). 



    Electrical technicians carry out technical support functions in electrical engineering including the diagnosis and repair of faults and the selection and installation of equipment. 
    Electrical technicians may work under the direction of electrical engineers, technologists and associates in all stages of planning, design, maintenance and production. 
    Electrical technicians may perform the following tasks:



    • assist electrical engineers, technologists and associates in field, workshop and office activities, such as circuit design and layout, switchyards, substations, switchgear and cabling systems 
    • look after and test equipment, and construct prototypes and final assemblies 
    • undertake complex electrical workshop functions, such as assemblies for protection relays, metering and indicating devices 
    • assemble, install, test and calibrate electrical installations to conform with regulations and safety requirements (with an appropriate license) 
    • supervise other technicians, drafters and trades people.




    • Aptitude for technical and engineering activities 
    • Able to diagnose problems 
    • Capacity for accurate, careful work 
    • Good communication skills



  • Electrical Engineer

    December 11, 2016

    Job Description

    Researches develops, designs, and tests electrical components, equipment, and systems by performing the following duties: 

    • Designs electrical equipment, facilities, components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, and domestic purposes. 
    • Designs and directs engineering personnel in fabrication of test control apparatus and equipment, and determines methods, procedures, and conditions for testing products. 
    • Develops applications of controls, instruments, and systems for new commercial, domestic, and industrial uses. 
    • Directs activities to ensure that manufacturing, construction, installation, and operational testing conform to functional specifications and customer requirements. 
    • Directs and coordinates operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and systems in field installations. 
    • Uses computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to perform engineering tasks.


    • Bachelor's Degree in a related discipline.‎ 
    • Excellent communication skills (oral & written).‎ 
    • Bilingual.‎ 
    • Computer literate.‎


    Bachelor's Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineer

    December 11, 2016

    Job Description

    Duties & Responsibilities: 

    - to be fully aware of the project mechanical specifications, drawings and BOQ; 
    - give the foreman daily instructions as per the work plan; 
    - ensure that all mechanical factory activities are conducted under controlled conditions as per shop drawings, method statements, specification, and work plan; 
    - assist the technical office engineer in a preparation of method statements related to mechanical works; 
    - report to the senior mechanical engineer for any technical problem or inquiries in the project; 
    - request material, tools, and equipment needed from the senior mechanical engineer before seven days if possible; 
    - control the use of material and avoid damages and waste; 
    - ensure safe work environments; 
    - identify and secure all existing services of public service.


    • Bachelor's Degree in a related discipline.‎ 
    • Excellent communication skills (oral & written).‎ 
    • Bilingual.‎ 
    • Computer literate.‎


    Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

  • Industrial Engineer

    December 11, 2016

    Job Description

    • Industrial engineers typically do the following:
    • Review production schedules, engineering specifications, process flows, and other information to understand methods and activities in manufacturing and services
    • Figure out how to manufacture parts or products, or deliver services, with maximum efficiency
    • Develop management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient
    • Enact quality control procedures to resolve production problems or minimize costs
    • Work with customers and management to develop standards for design and production
    • Design control systems to coordinate activities and production planning to ensure those products meet quality standards
    • Confer with clients about product specifications, vendors about purchases, management personnel about manufacturing capabilities, and staff about the status of projects


    • moving heavy parts within manufacturing plants
    • getting goods from a company to customers, including finding the most profitable places to locate manufacturing or processing plants
    • evaluating how well people do their jobs



    Bachelor's Degree in Industrial engineering

  • Civil Works Project Manager

    December 27, 2016

    Civil Works Project Manager (RCGC Employee), Execution/Supervision

    RCGC is constructing a manufacturing facility consisting of a 160-meter high production tower and a plant to house additional manufacturing process. The plant will be located in the second industrial area in Riyadh within RCGC current RCC complex. The company is in need of an experienced self-motivated civil engineer to manage the civil aspects of this project.

    The individual will be reporting to the VCV  General Project Manager and will work with a team of engineers within RCGC’s Expansion department and civil department along with dedicated electrical and mechanical engineers with industrial backgrounds for this project.


    Successful candidates should possess the following:

    • BSc Civil engineering degree with 10+ years of experience
    • Experience in Architectural and structural design
    • Experience in working with Tower and slip-form concrete projects
    • Experience in civil works for industrial applications is a plus but not required
    • Project management and site management experience
    • Ability to communicate with people at different levels including management team, contractors, and consultants
    • Ability to multitask, delegate to subordinates and  produce results on time
    • Ability to handle project budgets and timelines
    • Good verbal and written communication skills in English and Arabic
    • Computer proficiency, MS Office, Project, and Auto-Cad ® Experience is a must
    • Primavera project management software experience is a plus but not required



    During the design phase:

    • Under the supervision of the EHV committee and while working with the VCV project team, the individual will develop the project plan, taking into account all aspects of the project.
    • Will be involved directly with project manager and engineering design companies to create design projects scope of work with complete details of the final facility.
    • Will create bid documents and letters of intent to engineering companies
    • Evaluate each engineering company bid and qualifications to take on such project
    • Work with site survivors to obtain the necessary data for the engineering design company
    • Help in selecting the engineering design company
    • Work with the engineering designer to meet project milestones
    • Approve payment to designers when milestones are completed.
    • Work with designer in contractor selections and contract award
    • Hold bi-weekly progress meetings with EHV team and Committee


    During the execution  phase:


    • Coordinate with the civil, production and expansion department to prepare the site including, cleanup, logistics, supplies, offices, etc
    • Work with consultants to approve shop drawings by contractor
    • Oversee civil execution (Tower and Plant) on daily basis
    • Work with contractors and consultants to verify execution conformance to engineering drawings
    • Coordinate and verify project execution according to schedule
    • Request hired engineering consultant when needed
    • Track contractor’s daily progress.
    • Work with electrical and mechanical engineers and contractors to coordinate the installation of their respective systems
    • Handle project logistics requests within his approved limits (transportation, cranes, etc)
    • Address elevated issues and requests by contractors
    • Verify implementation of safety and RCGC rules.
    • Communicate site needs and possible business operations interruptions to Project Manager
    • Receive work from contractors under the supervision of the engineering consultant
    • Approve payments to contractors based on execution


  • Accountant - Male & Female

    January 21, 2017

    The position is responsible for applying the principles of accounting to analyze financial information and prepare financial reports by compiling information, preparing profit and loss statements, and utilizing appropriate accounting control procedures. 

    Successful candidates should possess the following:

    • Prepares profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports.
    • Compiles and analyzes financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and documents business transactions
    • Establishes maintains and coordinates the implementation of accounting and accounting control procedures.
    • Analyzes, reviews and controls budgets and expenditures/expenditures trends for business units, contracts, private funding and other business investments and projects.
    • Monitors and reviews accounting and other system-related reports for accuracy and completeness- Prepares and reviews the budget, revenues, expenses, payroll entries, invoices and other accounting documents.
    • Resolves accounting discrepancies and explains billing invoices and provides the orientation of accounting policies and procedures to the business- Recommends, develops and maintains financial databases, systems, and manual filing systems.
    • Supervises the input and handling of financial data and reports for the company's automated financial systems.
    • Interacts with internal and external auditors in completing audits.
    • Maintains confidentiality and sensitivity of the information in accordance with the HR Policies and Procedures i.e., pay increments, bonus, promotion/demotion, joiners/leavers.
    • Participates in developing the annual operating budget and consults with department heads/managers on the fiscal aspects of program planning, payroll recommendations, and other administrative actions.
    • Performs other related tasks as directed by the head/s of the department


    • Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting and cost control principles.
    • Accepted Accounting Principles and other accounting software applications.
    • English/Arabic / Spoken & Written.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
  • IT manager

    March 21, 2017
    • Master degree in Computer Engineering, IT or equivalent
    • Minimum of 10 years experience in a senior role in IT or related field with prove track record
    • Professional knowledge in Project management
    • Professional knowledge in Information Systems Development
    • Professional knowledge in Data Communications and IS Software and Hardware
    • Professional knowledge in Networking and Information security
    • Professional knowledge in Programming languages and Techniques
    • Professional knowledge in IT Risk Management
    • Skilled in Planning, Organizing, Management and Supervisory Skills
  • Purchasing Officer(s)

    December 05, 2016

    Job Summary:- Executing all the activates related to raw materials purchasing including the preparation of  the purchase orders and  the purchase requisitions, as well as following up with suppliers and maintaining good relationships with them. 

    Professional Knowledge:-

    • Professional knowledge in Procurement Principles - Professional knowledge in applicable laws, rules, regulations and/or policies and procedures.
    • Professional knowledge in Industrial and Quality Control Standards.
    • Professional knowledge in Procurement Principles.

    Skills & Abilities (Competencies):-

    • Computer Skills.
    • Flexibility & adaptability.
    • Interpersonal Skills.
    • Ability to work under pressure.
    • Negotiation skills.
    • Time Management skills.
    • Communication skills.


    • B.Sc. in Management, Engineering or equivalent
    • Required Languages: Excellent Command of both English and Arabic.
    • 2-3 years of experience in Procurement or related field.

    Executive Duties:-

    • Participating in implementing the anticipated plans and programs as per the set goals to ensure internal work development and productivity increase.
    • Participating in the development of the Raw Materials Section's work plan and preparing work schedules and expediting work flow to improve efficiency of the Raw Materials Section

    Technical Duties:-

    • Searching for reliable sources to supply raw materials in coordination with the Market Research Section.
    • Contacting suppliers to obtain information on price, quality and delivery capabilities for the required Raw Materials.
    • Preparing contracts, proposals/quotations, and vendor agreements in coordination with Production and legal departments.
    • Analyzing suppliers offer to select the most competitive offer in coordination with Production personnel.
    • Negotiating suppliers to attain the minimum prices for the best quality.
    • Preparing and issuing purchase orders and change notices.
    • Preparing and maintaining accurate records and documentation on all solicitations, responses, purchases, contracts, correspondences and related follow-up.
    • Preparing claims to suppliers in case of non-conforming items are detected.
    • Conducting regular evaluations of local and international suppliers' performance and categorizing them according to set criteria and maintaining mutual positive relationships

    General Administrative Duties:-

    • Preparing periodic reports with respect to Raw Materials Section's activities and achievements to be submitted to the Raw Materials Section Head.
    • Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the Raw Materials Section Head
  • Executive Secretary - Male & Female

    December 11, 2016


    • Maintain executive’s agenda and assist in planning appointments, board meetings, conferences etc.
    • Attend meetings and keep minutes.
    • Receive and screen phone calls and redirect them when appropriate
    • Handle and prioritize all outgoing or incoming correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)
    • Make travel arrangements for executives.
    • Handle confidential documents ensuring they remain secure.
    • Prepare invoices or financial statements and provide assistance in bookkeeping.
    • Monitor office supplies and negotiate terms with suppliers to ensure the most cost-effective orders.
    • Maintain electronic and paper records ensuring information is organized and easily accessible.
    • Conduct research and prepare presentations or reports as assigned.


    • Bachelor degree or Diploma. 
    • Minimum 5 years of experiences in the same field. 
    • Good knowledge of internal and external communication.
    • Speed printing in Arabic & English 
    • Good knowledge of archive and documentation 
    • Ability to prepare statistical reports and charts
    • Ability to use computer and general programs
    • Fluent speaking & writing English language & Arabic
    • Proven experience as executive secretary or similar administrative role.
    • Proficient in MS Office and “back-office” software (e.g. ERP).
    • In-depth knowledge of office management and basic accounting procedures as well as technical vocabulary of relevant industry.
    • Familiarity with basic research methods and reporting techniques.
    • Excellent organizational and time-management skills.
    • Outstanding communication and negotiation abilities.
    • Integrity and confidentiality.
    • Degree in business administration or relative field.