List of Raw Materials

  • Raw Materials

      EHV, HV & MV XLPE compound
    HV & MV Semicon compounds
    All Raw materials for LV XLPE compounding
    HDPE, MDPE & LLDPE for Jacketing
    Galv. steel core wire for ACSR
    Galv. Steel wire for armoring
    Galv. steel tape for armoring
    Aluminum Clad Steel Wire (Alumoweld)
    Semi conductive / Non Conductive tapes
    Water blocking yarns
    Polypropylene Tape
    Aluminum Copolymer Laminated Tape
    Polyester Tape
    Calcium Carbonate
    PVC Resin k 70
    PVC stabilizers
    TOTM Oil
    Chlorinated paraffin
    PVC pigments and master batch
    Antimony Trioxide
    DIDP & DPHP plasticizers
    Other raw materials for PVC compounding
    Nylon Jacketing Compound
    PE WAX
    Titanium Dioxide
    All raw materials for Telephone cables
    All raw materials for optical fiber cables
    All raw materials related to cables industry
  • Packaging materials

      Wood for drums
    Wooden drums
    Steel drums
    Wrapping board
    Steel straps
  • Non Ferrous Metals

      Copper cathode
    Aluminum Ingots
    Copper Tapes
    Lead "E" Alloy
    Lead Alloy 0.50C
    Aluminum & Aluminum Alloy Rods
    Tin anodes