Turnkey Projects

Riyadh Cables Group has the skills and production facilities to manage an entire project, from beginning to end. Our team has extensive experience working on reputable projects across the Kingdom. We have fostered incredible growth across diverse market sectors as a result of the turnkey solutions that we offer to our clients.

Turnkey Projects

At Riyadh Cables, our goal is to enrich your business and provide you with the support and infrastructure you need to establish a strong business proposition. We aim to fulfill our customers’ needs, not merely from a technology / infrastructure standpoint, but from a business perspective as well.

By positioning ourselves as partners rather than service providers, we listen to your requirements, ask questions and learn about your business needs, before forging ahead with plans and production.

Having studied your business needs carefully, we then put our extensive experience to work for you. Riyadh Cables provides you with:

  • Expertise - to free you to focus on your core business.
  • Speed-to-market and on-time delivery - to save your money.
  • A single source of accountability - to grant you complete and total attention.
  • Options - to empower you with choice.
  • High quality - to turn your investment into profit.
  • Resources - to enhance your own capabilities.

Our varied skillset allows us to plan, build and operate a complete, 360-degree solution that truly helps to promote and enhance your business. From consulting and design to project management, we serve your immediate and long-term goals, no matter how far reaching they are.

By adopting a project management style that is grounded in clearly defined lines of responsibility, we are able to work transparently and seamlessly with your team.

Finally, once construction is done and your project is realized, we continue to support you, to help maintain and sustain your project. Our maintenance and engineering support teams are among the best in the world and provide world-class service for your project from the moment it goes live.

Our talented professionals are at the core of our business, and we continue to invest in them to ensure that they are at the top of their field. Our investment in our people has fostered a dynamic workforce motivated to not only meet your needs, but to exceed them, and our customers’ success is evidence of this.1000v ac



Riyadh Cables has a partnership with Brugg Cables of Switzerland – one of Europe’s largest and most advanced cable manufacturers. Our association with Brugg Cables gives us exclusive access to their innovative products and to the extensive knowledge that their Research & Development department has. New technology, new products, and best-in-class services, are all within your reach, so you can focus on your core business.