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Riyadh Cables always welcome best industry premier quality materials suppliers from around the Globe. Only industry leaders who are in high capacity Quality Material manufacturers and can meet huge material requirements on timely basis. In addition, can maintain agreed stock management policy and can come forward to be in our approved vendor list. We have well controlled supply chain management and look forwards for same from our suppliers.

Please send Complete Details to:

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Riyadh Cables Group of Companies
PO Box 26862
Riyadh 11496
Saudi Arabia

Telephone +966-11-2650850
Fax +966-11-2651423

List of Raw Materials:

1.)Copper cathode
3.)Copper Tapes
5.)Steel wire & tapes
6.)Aluminium Rods & alloys
7.)Aluminium Tapes
8.)Aluminium Clad Steel Wire(Alumoweld)
9.)Calcium Carbonate
10.)Lead "E" Alloy
11.)PVC Resin
14.)Tinned Copper Wires
15.)P.P. Filler Yarn
16.)Aluminium Copolymer Laminated Tape
17.)PVC Colorant
18.)Antimony Trioxide
19.)Nylon Jacketing
20.)Rubber Filling Compound
21.)TOTM Oil

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Telephone +966-11-2650850
Fax +966-11-2651423
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