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Riyadh Cables started production of Medium voltage cables in 1986 and High Voltage Cables in 1994 and has supplied huge quantities of Medium Voltage Cables while in the High Voltage cable the cumulative quantity is more than 1000 kms of 132 kV and more than 1000 kms of 69 kV cables.

High Voltage cables from 66 kV to 230 kV with different constructions and material manufactured by Riyadh Cables Group has been successfully type tested. 16 type tests have been performed on 132 kV cables, 6 of these type tests are with accessories. 4 type tests have been performed on 110-115 kV cables, 6 type tests have been performed on 69 kV cables and 1 type test was performed on 230 kV Cable totaling 27 type tests which prove suitability of design stress up to 9 kV /mm and lower.

One of the above mentioned type test for 132 kV cable was performed at KEMA Netherlands and 2 type tests on 132 kV Cables have been performed at Riyadh Cables Laboratories witnessed by KEMA, Netherlands which prove the reliability and dependability of Riyadh Cables High Voltage Cables and its testing laboratories. Certification from KEMA for these tests are enclosed in this catalogue.

Long-term tests were also performed both at Riyadh Cables Laboratories and King Saud University (6 months, 1 year, 2 years) to prove the high quality of RC manufactured cables. Breakdown tests with different constant voltages and time gave the result that cables designed at a stress of 13 kV/mm can survive more than 30 years which gives an indication that RC high voltage cables can be designed at a stress level of 8 kV/mm with a good safety margin other than the values which were considered during evaluation.

As mentioned above, Riyadh Cables has manufactured a 230 kV cable with a stress level of 8 kV/mm. This cable was type tested as per IEC 62067 and IEC 60840 and the type test results are satisfactory. Long-term testing for 230 kV complete cable system shall be performed with this cable.

Riyadh Cables have qualified engineers and the required software to design high voltage circuits based on local conditions. Current rating, Induced voltage, Short circuit current for conductor and screen are computed to meet customer requirement, positive, negative and zero sequence impedance are computed for Engineering purpose and Network protection.

Experienced engineers provide supervision and certified professional jointers perform the required cable laying and accessory installations. To cope with International awareness, Riyadh Cables have purchased a HVAC site test system, which provides more accurate results about the installation and workmanship quality without affecting the system at any point. Also, very soon partial discharge test measurement equipment at site for terminations using Professor Lemke technique shall be made available which can provide a very clear indication about the termination condition and deficiency (if any) caused during installation.

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