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LSF Cables
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This page contains technical information on 450/750 Volts single core thermosetting insulated non-sheathed wires to BS 7211 and 600/1000 Volt LSF Cables of Armoured and Un-armoured type to IEC 60502 and BS 6724.


Conductors shall be of plain annealed copper for wires as per BS 7211 and shall be of Copper or Aluminium for 0.6/1 kV cables. Conductors shall be in accordance with IEC 60228.


Insulation material shall be Type EI 5 as per BS 7211/BS EN 50363-5 and thickness of insulation shall be as BS 7211 for 450/750 V Wires.

For 0.6/1 kV Cables, insulation material and thickness shall be as per lEC 60502-1 or BS 5467/BS 6724 as the case may be.

0.6/1 kv CABLES :


Two, three, four or five core cables shall be laid-up together with suitable non-hygroscopic fillers. Assembly shall be bedded with an extruded layer of LSF material. In case of non-armoured cables, this layer may be omitted if the outer shape of cable of remains practically circular.

Colour Code

Colour code (1) is followed by all utilities in the Middle East and colour of insulation is as mentioned below. However, cables as per colour code (2) mentioned below is also provided based on customer request.

Colour Code (1) :
1 Core : Red or Black
2 Cores : Red and Black
3 Cores : Red, Yellow, Blue
4 Cores : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black
5 Cores : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Green
Above 5 Cores : Black Cores with White numerals

Colour Code (2) :
1 Core : Brown or Blue
2 Cores : Brown, Blue
3 Cores : Brown, Black, Grey
4 Cores : Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
5 Cores : Green/Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Grey
Above 5 Cores : Black Cores with White numerals


Armour shall be of Galvanized steel wires applied helically over LSF bedding in accordance with IEC 60502 or BS 6724. Single core cables shall be Aluminium wire armoured. Also, Double steel tape armour as per lEC 60502-1 can be provided based on specific requirement.

Outer Sheath

Outer sheath shall be extruded LSF Type ST8 as per IEC 60502 or Type LTS1 as per BS 6724. Thickness of outer sheath shall be as per IEC 60502-1/BS 6724 as per the requirement.

Types of LSF Cables

Fire Performance

450/750 volt wires shall meet flame test requirements of IEC 60332-1-2/BSEN 50265-2-1. 0.6/1 kV cables shall meet flame test requirements of IEC 60332-3-24/BSEN 50266-2-4 (Category C).

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