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Vertical Flame Test for Single Cables (IEC 60332-1-2)

The purpose of the test is to determine the resistance to flame propagation for single vertical cables.

This test is not suitable for small wires with solid conductor having a diameter less than 0.8 mm or stranded conductors less than 0.5 mm² because the conductor melts before the test is completed. (See IEC 60332)

  1. Enclosure
  2. Burner
  3. Wedge (45°)
  4. A verticle adjustable jig
  5. Matches
  6. Ruler
  7. Stop-watch
This test is to be conducted in a 3-sided enclosure (300mm wide, 450 mm deep and 1200 mm high) with open front and closed top and bottom. A 1 kW flame produced by a propane burner with adjustable air and gas flow is used. (This design of the burner is described in IEC 695-2-4/1)


The burner is calibrated by adjusting the flame to abou 180 mm and the inner blue cone to 55 mm. The temperature increase is measured 95 mm above the top of the burner by using a thermocouple in a copper slug. The time for the temperature from 100 °C should be 45 s.

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