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Optical Fibre Cables

Riyadh Cables offers Optical fiber cables with Armored and non-armored, indoor or outdoor cables.

Primary coated Single Mode Fiber, filled, loose tubes, assembled around the Central Strength Member (CSM), filled core, metallic Moisture Barrier, Polyethylene sheathed optical fibre telecommunication cables, complying with National and International Standard Specifications.

Based on high technology manufacturing process and the most modern up-to-date state-of-the-art production facilities, the plant started production in 1995, with total commitment in producing high quality Optical Fiber Cables.

RIYADH TELEPHONE CABLES produces all types of Cables in accordance with Saudi MOPTT as well as other recognized international standards.


Fiber Optics Cables are widely used in telecommunication networks on trunk or interex-change routes. Cables are designed for ducts, sub-ducts or direct buried by ploughing or trenching. These Cables are available with filled loose tube type for outdoor cables and tight buffer type for indoor cables. For outdoor cables it may have an optional metal moisture barrier on customers request & application.

  • Non-toxic and dermatologically safe material used.

  • Designed for fault free service for forty years without detriment to transmission or operation and maintenance characteristics of the cable.

  • Environmental Condtion

    • Ambient temperature ° 0 to 55
    • Operating temperature ° -40 to 70
    • Relative Humidity % 5 to 95
    • Storage temperature ° -20 to 70

  • Tensile Load(Minimum)

      Indoor Outdoor(D/B&DUCT) Armoured Arial





  • Crush Resistance

      Indoor Outdoor(D/B&DUCT) Armoured

      1KN/5 min

      5KN/5 min

      5KN/10 min

  • Cable lengths

      Indoor Outdoor Direct Burial Outdoor Duct




      Other lengths can be provided, on request.

  • Minimum Bending Radius

    • 10 x cable diameter (no load)
    • 15 x cable diameter (full load)

  • Longitudinally water tight cable

  • Mechanically rugged - Cables meet the stringent test requirement of temperature variation, tensile, crush resistance, impact, repeated bending and bending requirement.

  1. Single Mode Fibers :
    1. Single Mode Fiber, Dispersion - Unshifted (Normal Fiber) Complying to ITU-T G.652
    2. Single Mode Fiber, Dispersion shifted Complying to ITU-T G.653
    3. Single Mode Fiber, Non-Zero Dispersion shifted complying to ITU-T G.655

  2. Multi Mode Fibers :
    1. Multimode Fiber (62.5/125/250mm)
    2. Multimode Fiber (50/125/250mm) Complying to ITU-T G.651

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