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~ RCGC - A Pioneer in Cable Design, Production & Installation in the Middle East Region ~
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Wide Range of Production Capability

    RCGC is capable of producing cables with conductors size varying from 0.25 mm² to 2000 mm². up to 220 kv.
Specialty in Production
    RCGC is particular in specializing the production lines to the cable product types. In 1984 Company started with all types of wire and cables with limited capacity, but shortly the Company understood the need of the market and importance of specialization for each type of product and planned the expansions accordingly. Complete plants were planned and built up according to the product type and all possible expertise and most suitable equipments brought in.

    Presently Group is equipped with most sophisticated up to date machineries in the world from the renowned machinery manufacturers, keeping in mind for the Quality and productivity of the selected product types.
Electric Wires - [RIYADH ELECTIC WIRES (REW )]
    Plant is exclusively developed for all types of building wires (NYA, THHN, Flexible cords and Flat cables), instrumentation cables, control cables and irrigation cables . To suit this application the most modern multi wire Drawing machines, Bunchers, High speed insulation lines Assembling and armoring machines and extruders lines from best machine manufacturers in the world like Niehoff Germany, Samp(De-Angeli) Italy, Cortinovis - Italy, Swiss Cab (Switzerland), Videx (USA), SKET Germany are installed in this plant. For control cable production S-Z-S concept also utilized for 7 core and above. A highly talented, well qualified and experienced multinational work force specialized in wire manufacturing dominates the REW production scenario.
LV Cables Plant - RIYADH CABLES Plant
    is specialized in the production of low voltage power cables and conductors for M.V and H.V cables. Sophisticated Cable manufacturing Machineries from Niehoff Germany, SKET - Germany, Cortinovis Italy, Pourtier - France, Nextrom - Canada, Maillifer - Finland, and John Royle (USA) ensures best quality and maximum productivity. The plant supported by dedicated staff with very good experience provides maximum advantage to maintain the consistent quality to customers. Company gives top most priority in adapting new technologies and trends in Cable manufacturing to keep its competitive edge which is displayed in all its expansion programs. A double twist strander with Roll forming technology from Nextrom Technologies and Central strander from SKET - Germany are examples for best quality and maximum productivity in conductor production. This plant capable of producing 800 mm2 Copper Round Compacted conductor and Milliken conductors up to 2000 mm2 .and as multi core up to 4x500 mm2 with steel wire armoring can be produced. To meet the high demand of Quadruplex cables and to ensure the best Quality, Riyadh Cables Plant A has installed new machine with Bow Skip assembly Technology, and the same machine designed for the production of sector cable assembling.
MV & HV Cables Plant - Riyadh Cables and Metals (RCM)
    Plant is specialized in Medium and High Voltage cable production. Three sophisticated Continuous Catenary Vulcanizing Triple Extrusion Lines from TROESTER - Germany ensures best quality for medium voltage and high voltage cables. These lines are capable of producing sizes from 1x10 MM², 6 kv to 1x2000 MM², 220 KV insulated cables. The lines which are used for High Voltage insulation is equipped with patended "TWIN-ROT" system which ensures the concentricity of the HV cables, there by substituting the vertical CV lines in the RCM production range. For Medium and High voltage lines has separate clean rooms to handle the XLPE material and the rooms are maintained in Class 1000 cleanliness. The HV materials uses a closed loop conveying system by using Bottom unloading technique where ambient and human contact with the material is avoided. On line thickness monitoring unit by using X-ray technology in CCV lines from M/s Sikora Germany ensures best quality, better dimensional and material control which leads to considerable advantages to the customers. Where the cable design requires radial water tightness RCM has Lead Extruder, capable of producing lead sheathed cables up to 120 mm diameter. RCM sheathing lines are equipped with two layer co-extrusion facility to replace the graphite coated cables by environment friendly semi conductive PE layer in HV cables. Complete machineries in this plant are capable of handling Milliken conductors up to 2000 MM² and multi core cable up to a diameter of 135 mm. RCM has capacity to design and manufacture wide range medium and High voltage cables with water tightness to improve the life of the cables. A highly experienced well trained production team from all around the globe ensures better quality products with minimum scrap providing competitive edge to the Company and considerable benefits to the customers.
Over Head Line (OHL)
    plant is the specialized for over head line conductor production. OHL plant is capable of producing all kinds of OHL conductors from 7 wires to 127 wires of AAC, ACSR, AAAC, AACSR according to international standards , with the possibility of 19 wire steel strands. This plant equipped with Two electrically operated furnaces to heat treat the Aluminum Alloy wires to get the required electrical and mechanical properties for the OHL conductors of Al Alloy.
PVC plant
    also to support its PVC compound requirements. PVC plant can produce all types of PVC compounds for insulation and sheathing. RCGC has policy to invest in research and development work, which result of development of its own formulations to meet required specifications like TI1, TI2 or TM1 and Fire retardant compounds according to IEC 332-1, 332-3C, 332-3B and 332-3A. PVC plant is capable of producing 3000 MT of PVC compounds per month.
Copper Rod Plant
    To meet the Copper Rod requirement of Group, has equipped with Continuous cast Copper rod plant from South Wire (USA). It is capable of producing copper rods of 8 mm at a rate of 280 Ton per day.
Group Expansion Policy
    Group Expansion and R&D department continuously keep in touch with all major cable machinery suppliers worldwide to maintain the state of the art technology in our production lines and to implement new concepts in the production facilities. Company has policy to ensure the best quality with maximum productivity to command the market with best quality and competitive prices. RCGC invests 10 - 15 Million USD every year in expansion and upgrade projects to comply its stated policy.

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