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Quality policy of Riyadh Cables Group of Companies, RCGC is to lead the region (Middle East) in Design, Development, Manufacture and supply of Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage Power Cables, Over Head Conductors, Electric Wires and Wiring Cables, Control Cables, Service Drop cables Manufacture of Telephone Cables, Fiber Optic Telephone Cables, Copper rod and PVC according to I.E.C., A.E.I.C, S.A.S.O, A.S.T.M, DIN, VDE, ITU, STC, REA, RUS standards & other customer specifications. We ensure that our products consistently perform to their intended use safely and reliably.

RCGC is committed to implement a suitable Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 Standard and continually improve its effectiveness to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers. This is supported by establishing and reviewing documented Quality Policy and Quality Objectives. Quality Assurance takes a leading role in the RCGC management system where the position of Management representative is held by the Technical Director who has the authority to implement, review and maintain the effectiveness of this Quality Policy and Quality Management system. QA activity is further strengthened by QA Manager who is an experienced Registered Lead Auditor and acts as Deputy Management Representative.

RCGC produces more than 4000 grades of cables which are indigenously developed and established as standard products in course of our 25 years of proven experience. Our technical department is involved in most of the cable development projects initiated by utilities in the region. All standard products have individual item codes, standard bill of materials / weight analyses for every stage of production, standard routing with individual ID history, std material consumptions, std costs in integrated BAAN system of the company. RCGC employees approximately 1400 skilled employees from 25 countries. Cable experience is the norm for recruitment and cable expertise is the minimum for main field players.

RCGC has the latest state of the art CCV lines, extruders, tandem lines, assembly machines, stranding lines. We have indigenous production facilities for all our requirements of PVC, Copper rod from cathode and cable drums. Our laboratory is equipped with the most modern cable equipments in the world.

At RCGC every inquiry / order undergoes thorough scrutiny by technical engineers where customer specifications are reviewed against intended application requirements and our capability. Deviations if any are actioned in coordination with customer, availability of machines & raw materials is examined before giving formal acceptance to the customer ensuring 100% compliance to specifications & delivery schedules.

All LME quality metals are used, premier quality insulation / sheathing materials are procured from world leaders in the trade like U.C.C./ Borealis. Most of the raw materials are imported from leading European suppliers. Every product is tested in all its stages of production as per established test plans based on applicable national / international standards and customer specifications. Type test plans are established and product performance is measured. Each non conformance is recorded on BAAN, analyzed for root cause and actioned as per corrective action procedure. NCR Trends are automatically plotted in BAAN for timely analyses & action.

Every process is controlled by specific manufacturing instructions, work instructions and BAAN Production Authorizations. Key process indicators of every department are monitored by QA and top management. Ex: For production process indicators like productivity, scrap, downtime, material consumption, drum to drum deviations and non conformances on every stage are monitored periodically against specific targets. Economics of each process deviation is studied and suitable, timely action is taken resulting in continuous up dation of products, machines, processes and practices. Every employee is evaluated against job specific performance indicators and training is provided where needed.

Deficiencies or potentials for improvement are identified on a routine basis and handled as per procedure resulting in continual improvement. Overall performance is actioned in a yearly management review meeting. In last 5 years more than 70 improvement opportunities are identified and actioned as objectives in various areas of Product development, production and processes at all levels. Advanced statistical monitoring methods like 6 sigma analyses is applied wherever applicable.

Further our raw materials, processes , factories and products undergo rigorous inspections by specialists from customers and overseas independent inspection agencies such as KEMA (Netherlands), Kennedy and Donkin (UK), Crown Agents (UK), Electro watt Eng. Services LTD and Society General de Surveillance SA (Switzerland), SGS inspection services, Lloyds Register of Saudi Arabia, TUV (Germany) etc.

Near zero defect is achieved with consistent negligible complaints from last 2 years which is a substantial achievement considering the large volumes of production and complexity of operations. Documented customer satisfaction obtained from 150 main customers in 2010 on Price, Quality , delivery, service & payment terms demonstrate 40 % saying excellent performance, 35% good, 19% satisfactory and 6% saying needs improvement mostly on prices & payment terms.

RCGC maintains ISO 9001 : 2008 for its Low Voltage LV, Medium Voltage MV, High Voltage / HV cables, Overhead conductors, Electric Wires and Wiring Cables from BASEC - British Approvals Service for Electric Cables, U.K.- a niche, premier Cable certification body in the global cable market. A high level of auditing is conducted twice per annum by seasoned international cable professionals (only) to maintain confidence in the quality of cable products which are recognized as needing high safety and performance levels.

RCGC holds ISO 9001:2008 for all its products LV, MV, HV, Overhead conductors, Copper & Fiber Telephone cables, Electric Wires & Wiring compounds, Copper Rod and PVC cable Compounds from TUV NORD a member of TUV CERT, GERMANY the world leader in management systems certifications

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